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ROCKINGER’s product range for road traffic comprises all products which are installed on tractors. Towing hitches connect a trailer and a tractor using a drawbar. The parts are generally installed on a cross member, also known as a traverse. For high-volume vehicles, the towing hitch is installed low down near the tractor axle. A drawbar bracket (side plates and suspension elements) is used in this application. This type of installation requires a remote display and remote control by law. These components are also included in the ROCKINGER product portfolio.
General information
Towing hitches 40 mm
Towing hitches 50 mm
Towing hitches 57 mm
Towing hitches 68 mm
Towing hitches 80 mm
Towing hitches 76 mm
Shunting coupling
50 mm Towing balls
Adapter hitches
Spare parts for discontinued series
Towing eyes
Wear gauges/Tools
Upgrade kits 
Screw sets
Repair kits
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